The Money Heist

4 Strategic Steps to Get Cash Fast by Lydia Desnoyers, CPA, CFE

Are you looking for proven strategies to quickly boost your cash flow? Join this self-paced course and learn the secrets to securing the money you need, when you need it. With our guidance and practical action steps, you'll gain the tools to take control of your finances and unlock new revenue streams for your business or firm. Plus, you will use your actual numbers to develop a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

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Here's what you get when you join:

  • Three 1-hour self-paced sessions. Don't waste another minute! In these sessions, we guide you to create a master plan tailored to your unique circumstances. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and start generating the cash you need faster than ever before.
  • Action steps you can apply to your business right away. No more guesswork or generic advice – bring your bank statements and use your actual numbers to develop a customized strategy. You'll have the tools and guidance to analyze your own data and make informed decisions.
  • How to identify your most profitable opportunities and turn them into revenue streams that work for you. Don't miss out on opportunities that could maximize your income potential.
  • Worksheets and cash flow planner. Our exclusive resources will be your game-changing roadmap to financial success. Stay on track and make progress like never before.

Course Content

Session 1

Mindset and Goals 

The goal is to get you into the right mindset to generate cash flow and set your goals. We identify the steps you need to take to start getting money coming in so you can meet your financial responsibilities and achieve your goals.

Session 2

Develop an Action Plan

The goal is to develop an action plan to turn your objectives into achievable steps that will bring in the cash. You also identify if you can delegate responsibilities to ensure that you will have more than enough cash flow to meet your financial responsibilities.

Session 3


The goal is to take a closer look at your strategy and identify areas where you can optimize your action plan for success. We address common challenges or obstacles you may face and suggest solutions so you can stay on track.

Course Price:

$50 USD

Course Length:

3 Hours

Course Access:

3 Weeks

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Listen to these testimonials where our clients share how we have impacted their businesses and lives with our solutions. 


"I feel like I wouldn’t have evolved as a woman and a business owner without the help that Lydia has contributed to my life. I am happy that I made the choice to go with her and I recommend her to everybody else."

 - Kaylan Anderson, Small Business Owner

"After my first consultation with Lydia, my mind was blown because all of the sudden there were opportunities that I had not even considered.

I just can’t possibly speak enough about what an important investment this was."

 - Miriam Airington-Fisher, Law Firm Owner

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About Lydia Desnoyers, CPA, CFE

CEO of The Premium Profit® 

  • As an entrepreneur: I implemented strategies to start a business, buy a business, grow a business, sell a business, start another business, strategize to evolve my business, grow my team, and more. I had to go through trial and error, but you do not have to because I will empower you to implement the strategies that work.
  • As a CPA: I have worked with several businesses and understand the differences between successful entrepreneurs and those that fail. 
  • As an auditor working in a corporation: I learned how big corporations do things and identified ways to implement those strategies in my small business. Being a small business does not mean you cannot operate like a large business. 

Let me guide you to avoid having to go through trial and error as most entrepreneurs do. 

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