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How To Keep Your Firm From Running Out of Cash

Having cash in the bank for your law firm is much like having cash in the bank for your life - you need a healthy flow of available funds to pay for things and function properly. Not having enough money in the bank to cover expenses such as employee compensation, rent, and marketing can cripple your firm and severely impact your quality of life.

How much you make per client, month, and year are significant factors regarding cash flow, but how you manage your revenue matters more than anything else. Think about it like this, a law firm that makes a million dollars a year, but is unable to cover their firm's expenses, is not in good financial health.

Running out of money is one of the primary reasons businesses fail, no matter the industry. With this in mind, you want to make sure you always have more cash flowing in than out.

Some strategies can help you maintain a healthy cash flow system - learn about them in this program to set your firm up for financial health and success!

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Course Overview:

  • Cash Flow as a Key Performance Indicator
    • Video Introduction
    • Cash Flow: Understanding This Indicator
    • The Importance of Cash Flow
    • Test Your Knowledge
  • Cash Flow: In-flows, Out-flows, and Revenue Models
    • Financial Health: Factors Affecting Your Cash Flow
    • Cash In-Flow: Identifying Your Sources of Income
    • Cash Out-Flow: Identifying Your Expenses
    • Revenue Models: Understanding Their Impact
    • Retainer Model
    • Flat Fee Model
    • Contingency Fee Model
    • Test Your Knowledge
  • How To Improve Your Law Firm's Cash Flow
    • Improving Cash Flow: Identifying Opportunities
    • Adjusting Your Billing and Collection Practices
    • Increasing Your Rates
    • Managing Your Expenditures
    • Test Your Knowledge
  • Cash Flow Planning
    • Cash Flow Planning
    • Cash Flow Planning Formula
  • Resources
    • Resources
  • Feedback 
    • 5 Survey Questions