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Turn Your Passion Into an Official Business: Growing Your Business

Many people start their businesses with a BASIC idea of what they want to achieve. Some entrepreneurs see themselves making a million dollars, while others want to make their own hours or not report to anybody. However, if that is the limit of your vision for your business, you are selling yourself short.

The big question is: What separates the people who are successful entrepreneurs from those that have a side hustle?

During this course you will learn:

  • How to set a vision for your business.
  • The questions you need to ask yourself about the direction of your business.
  • How your mindset can set or block your trajectory.
  • How to build an aligned team.
  • How to protect your assets.
  • The best practices for communication and documentation.
  • What you must know about accounting and financial management.
  • And more!

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Course Overview:

  • Introduction 
    • Resources
    • About the Speaker
  • Setting The Vision For Your Business
    • Worksheet and Video Presentation
  • Building An Aligned Team
    • Worksheet and Video Presentation 
  • Communicating And Documenting
    • Worksheet and Video Presentation 
  • Asset Protection
    • Worksheet and Video Presentation 
  • Accounting And Financial Management
    • Worksheet and Video Presentation 
  • Winning Mindset
    • Worksheet and Video Presentation 
  • Test Your Knowledge 
    • 10 Items Quiz 
  • Feedback 
    • 5 Survey Questions