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How To Have A 21st-Century Law Firm

This isn’t your grandfather’s law firm. Imagine there was a time when law firms did not have computers. Notes on client matters were hand-written and stored in a filing cabinet. Communication was mostly in person or by phone. Billable hours were tracked on a form. So on and so on – it gives me anxiety to think of an era like that.

This day in age, you have emails for communicating, case management software to track the status on client matters, electronic billing, and so forth. But are you using all this tech efficiently or do you still find yourself working harder than a lawyer from the 50s?

In this course, you will walk away knowing what to expect from your software and how to get them to work together so that you have a true 21st Century Law Firm. One that allows you to work smarter, provide 1st class service to your clients, and gives you the freedom to be the best version of the lawyer you set out to be.

*Your purchase grants 3-week access. Florida Bar members also receive 2 general CLE credits.

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Course Overview:

  • Two Software – Two Purposes
    • Video Introduction
    • The Case for Two Software
    • Case Management Software: Finding Key Features
    • Accounting Software: Finding Key Features
    • Test Your Knowledge
  • Getting Your Programs To "Speak the Same Language"
    • Connecting The Programs
    • Benefits of Software Integration
    • Mapping The Information
    • Test Your Knowledge
  • How to Configure Your Integration
    • Step-by-step Tutorial
    • Look Out for This Mistake
  • Copy of my Chart of Accounts for Law Firms
    • Chart of Accounts for Law Firms
  • Best Practices: Bringing Tech Into Your Firm
    • Best Practices: Bringing Tech Into Your Firm
  • Feedback 
    • 5 Survey Questions